The journey continues in 2022!

What is One of a Kind Design?

 In 2008, One of a Kind Design began as a jewelry business for my sister and I to   spend time together making doing and selling at craft shows.  Since she retired   a couple of years ago due to health reasons, I wanted to branch out and see   what other creative outlets I could pursue.  That's how I started painting and   then I got into Sola Wood flowers just about the time I was retiring from my   almost 40 year "day job".   I've sold a few paintings on my own and have done   some custom orders, but haven't found the right outlet yet to place them in   a shop or gallery yet.  The flower business has taken off and I have my   arrangements in two different local shops.   

 It has been an exciting adventure!

 Art (Alicia Ritz Techniques) - Original Watercolor, Acrylic and Paint Pouring designs.

 Pictures of the paintings for sale are on the corresponding pages, along with     prices.

 Ornamental Petals ​- Floral arrangements made using Sola Wood & Faux   flowers.  Arrangements are available for purchase at local shops and limited   vendor shows.  Pictures and prices of each arrangement available for sale are     on the corresponding pages.  

 Please check out the information on the new pages.  Some jewelry pages are   available for viewing, however, no online orders can be done at this time to   allow me to revise and update them.

 Thanks for taking a look!

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