What are Sola Wood Flowers?

 Sola wood flowers are made from a plant called Aeschynomene aspera,   similar to the feel of balsa wood.

 Every single Sola flower is created by hand and no machines are used.

 Flowers are then dipped in dye or paint to give them color.  Hand   painting and airbrushing are also methods used.

 I purchase the flowers already formed.  Making the actual flowers is   not a craft I am ready to take on!

 Some of the flowers I buy are already pre-dyed to save a step in the   process.  But I also purchase raw flowers that I dye and paint myself.


  Artisan Alley

  2714 Main Street

  Newfane, NY  14108

  (716) 638-4611


  Windsor Village Old World Market

  43 Stevens Street

  Lockport, NY  14094

  (716) 201-1489


 ​Ornamental Petals

 Flower arrangements using Sola Wood and Faux flowers.

One of a Kind Design